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Making a positive difference to the unique environment of the Magnesian Limestone area
Making a positive difference to the unique environment of the Magnesian Limestone area
Making a positive difference to the unique environment of the Magnesian Limestone area

Project videos

A series of 3 minute videos on the individual projects, which give an idea of what we have been doing and what we have achieved so far.

Limestone Landscapes partnership commissioned a number of separate studies to further develop the partnership and to close some key gaps in the current knowledge about the area's assets.

For details of other publications on the geodiversity, biodiversity and heritage of the area, please contact us

Childrens' Clubs

We are running clubs across the Limestone Landscapes area where children aged 6-12 years old can learn about the geology and history of the area and any wildlife, features and practices attached to them.

Coal countryside counts

We are helping local people to explore a hidden dimension to disused colliery sites by linking the geology and biodiversity on former mining sites, and highlight special qualities of the species rich grasslands and wetland which often develop there.

Coastal grasslands

We are conserving and restoring the natural features of the limestone plateau grasslands. We want to enhance the special grasslands in our area. We are working to ensure the coastal grassland sites are safely accessible and to encourage access to the grassland for enjoyment and health benefits.

Community archaeology

We are helping local communities to discover more about their heritage through taking part in archaeology, learning the techniques of excavation and survey. Community excavations led by professional archaeologists are looking at sites in the area to date a range of sites to improve knowledge and understanding of the historic environment.  There is also training in archaeological techniques for people in local areas.

Day schools

We are delivering a series of lectures, workshops and field visits for interested individuals to enable them to learn about the Limestone Landscapes area in geodiversity, biodiversity and the historic environment. These events will give people an opportunity to learn about the Magnesian Limestone area, be available for all and will either be free or offered at low cost to ensure there are no barriers to participation.

Defended Land

The Defended Land Project has worked with schools around Sunderland and South Tyneside to develop learning materials about the military history of their areas. We have also worked with a community group to clear scrub around the Fulwell Acoustic Mirror. Sunderland City Council have been successful in gaining additional funding from English Heritage to restore and interpret the Acoustic Mirror.

Farming Futures

The Farming Futures Project worked with two local farmers and produced a short film about farming and what it was like in the past. It also compares this with good practice in farming and also benefitting wildlife. We arranged visits to the farms with members of the local wildlife groups to learn more about the way the land is managed.

Heritage training days

We will promote and improve the awareness of heritage skills such as hedgelaying, dry stone walling, stone masonry, blacksmithing, traditional roofing, pole lathe turning, box and sash windows and lime pointing.

Leg it across the Limestone Landscapes

We are improving a number of key public rights of way, identified by communities for their importance in providing safe and reliable access to areas of countryside. We will create opportunities to visit sites of geological, historical, ecological and cultural significance, and help residents and visitors to improve their physical, emotional and mental health through exercise and contact with the environment.

Learning Through The Outside Classroom

We will raise the competence and confidence of teachers and leaders in using the outdoors as the context for teaching and learning with their own pupils/students. We will do this by supporting a wide range of educational visits that help people engage with and understand the unique Limestone Landscapes.

Relics Rising

This project is about the consolidation and restoration of a number of key buildings and structures that have significant historical interest, and some are made of Magnesian Limestone. Where possible we will bring them into greater public use. The Relics Rising Project has worked on 3 buildings - Seaham Lifeboat Building, Hetton Smithy and Hawthorn Hive Lime Kiln all of which are now more accessible to the public.

Village Atlas

This project celebrates the historic environment in six villages, using archaeology, historic buildings and landscapes. It links with the biodiversity and geodiversity to provide a full understanding of the environment.

Limestone Festival

We are celebrating the unique landscape for all residents, workers and visitors by organising a festival of events with partners. This takes place every year at the time of maximum floral intensity, normally the middle two weeks of June.

Field Training for Staff and Volunteers

We are delivering a series of lectures, workshops and field visits for professionals and volunteers. The training will generate a greater knowledge and understanding of the Magnesian Limestone area for the staff and volunteers when leading their own guided walks and talks.

Green Exercise

We want  to help improve peoples' fitness by getting out and about in the countryside. By increasing the number of people taking part in Green Exercise activities, we hope to reduce the incidence of underlying health problems resulting from lack of exercise.