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Welcome to the Limestone Landscapes Partnership

The Magnesian Limestone Plateau is a wide area stretching almost from Tyne to Tees and from the coast to central Durham. The area is unique, with common themes and patterns in the landscape and strong links between natural and cultural heritage.

Between 2011 and 2016 the Limestone Landscapes Partnership worked with many different people to conserve the landscapes, wildlife and rich heritage of the Magnesian Limestone, and enabled communities to learn about, enjoy and celebrate their local area.

Our Boundary Map shows where the Limestone Landscapes project took place.

The Limestone Landscapes Project was completed in May 2016. However, this website will remain, to show what we did and the resources we created. We have all our projects listed, detailing the work carried out. Have a look and if you want more information please contact us.

We also have a 14 minute film which provides more information about our work.

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